Chime/Notification Speaker Hardware?

Looking for some chime devices to play doorbell and various other notification sounds throughout the house. Ideally it would allow custom tones, be wall powered (I’ll take battery if the life is decent), and not rely on the cloud (z-wave or wifi with local api).

The aeotec doorbell 5 checks all the boxes…but its discontinued. Its replacement lacks the ability to use custom tones which is kind of a deal break for me. I’d be pretty comfortable building something to do this from scratch, but I’d rather not spend the time on it if I can buy something. A DIY solution is also not gonna be as compact or have the same WAF as a commercial solution. I have googlecast speakers in most rooms and use that currently, but if you’re already casting something, notifications stop your stream and resuming is clunky and not guaranteed to work with all services as far as I know.

Maybe the M5Stack Atom Echo Development Kit supercharged with esphome is already sufficient for your use case? :loudspeaker:

Google Nest Mini. Play any audio you want to it, no need for cloud (except for initial setup). Add to HA as a chromecast device. Lots of discussion topics on here about them.

I’m using them all over my house as doorbell chimes, they work great.

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