Chromecast Radio with station and player selection

This is my setup, still get the wrong layout.

    view: yes
    name: Music Control
      - media_player.spotify
      - input_select.radio_station
      - input_select.chromecast_radio
      - script.radio538

having view: yes means that the group will be a tab across the top of the HA GUI. In order to group entities inside a tab you need another group to act as a sub-group. take out the view: yes and you will see what I mean

Does anyone have a working package of this radio? It worked fine until I decided to move everything to docker, now I can’t get things going.

It seems a few things have changed in the media_player component and there is a new cast component too. Which one should I use where?

Still working on 0.75.2…
My setup is all in here

Does anyone have this working with a echo device?

Cheers, I’ll take a look at it tonight.

no I use ChromeCasts, but as long as / if your echo is defined as a media_player entity it should work.
Now I have no idea about echos so you’ll need to check how they get handled by HA

There’s this project in development to make echos media players, hopefully it will work!

hi, did you success to play Radio Deejay?
ci sei riuscito a far trasmettere Radio Deejay?

No. Niente! Poi ho desistito. Non ho più provato.
Nothing! I have not tried anymore.

Works fine, but does anyone else notice that it takes quite some time (15 seconds …) before the stream actually plays (notice that I am using this on a Google Home device)? When requesting Google Home to play the stream via TuneIn (“Play VRT Radio 1”), the stream plays within 5 seconds. But when triggered using this method, it takes more than 15 seconds.

Notice that I also tried lower quality streams, but noticing the same issue.

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I have delays sometimes but not always. I can’t seem to put it down to anything in particular. Using the same radio station, 1 time it might start playing almost immediately and others it can take close to a minute, often leaving me wondering if it’s going to start at all

Yes. I’m having the same issue.I even post it on github but i haven’t received any response.

I find that if I stream to a single device, it’s very quick, but if I stream to a group it takes longer. Personally my Onkyo amp with built in ChromeCast appears to be the culprit

Can you share the latest revision of the whole code ? Thanks
also where do i place the ‘‘input_slider’’?
i have it in configuration yaml and i get:
Component not found: input_slider

@vladosam @jonkristian

Hi - coming to this rather late, but please can either of you share a config to change source with the Xiaomi cube? I’m trying to figure this out for my sonos.

Code is basicaly still the same, I only added some music stations. The only thing which did change is that input_slider changed in input_number some Hass versions ago.

Like this?

- alias: Xiaomi Cube - Change Radio Station [Flip 90]
    platform: event
    event_type: cube_action
      entity_id: binary_sensor.cube_158d000101bded
      action_type: flip90
      - condition: state
        entity_id: input_select.cube_mode
        state: 'Radio'         
    service: media_player.play_media
      entity_id: media_player.home_group
        '{{ ["",
               ""] | random}}'
      media_content_type: 'audio/mp4'

yes - that looks exactly what I am after - thanks :grinning:

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@Bob_NL my volume slider is not working my identity’s and names are all adjusted correctly. what could the issue be ?