Chunky ToDo List cards?

My wife just sent me this viral video of a woman using a “chores” app on a device called a “skylight frame” (which is basically just a fancy tablet that costs $260 plus subscription). Our kids are in serious need of some structure so I was thinking maybe I could recreate this functionality in HomeAssistant.

So far I have sort of managed to create it by creating a toggle helper for each task and then adding a tile card on my dashboard.

Like this (just a quick example)

This sort of works (I need to figure out how to make the cards full width in a sections view but that can wait!). My problem is, it is a massive pain in the butt to create a helper for each item (especially when some of the items can vary by day).

You are probably wondering why I’m not just using a todo list? Basically looks / usability… I can’t see any obvious themes or “chunky” front-ends for local todo lists that are touch friendly and suitable for little fingers.

Before I waste the next week of my life manually creating toggle helpers and a dashboard for every day of the week, does anyone have any suggestions for a better way that I can do this that is faster / more efficient?


I think I just had a rubber duck moment.

Is the solution here to create better themes for todo lists?