Clean Hass OS on RPi 3a issues - supervisor keeps crashing and system REALLY slow

Hi there, i was unhappy about my previous installation of Hassio, on the same RPi i decided to bring in a new, fresh install.

this is the img: haos_rpi3-64-6.6.img

the system boots up flawlessy, i set the wifi on shell, via the command nmcli

Then, first access from web page triggers the setup.

Setup is fine… BUT… from there the systems seems quite unusable.

EVERY operation takes forever (and fails eg. the mosquitto broker add on installtion)

I repeat: clean installation on a brand new 64Gb SD card

Edit: i do am aware of hardware limitation of a RPi 3 mod A, (the 512mb ram of course)

but i run a previous version of Hassio without problems for 3 years…

Then, the updates began to fail so i decided to move directly to the newest version with a fresh install.

A 64-bit os on 512Mb ram, not advisable. Did you try the 32-bit version ?


Yes 32bit version works!

Still experiencing some lags and unwanted behaviours (like manual adding an ONVIF cam, hassio blows out)