Climate 0.9° Step Alignment

The heat pumps at our house operate in Celsius with a step of 0.5°. However, by the time this gets converted to Fahrenheit on the front-end, the climate control’s 0.5°F steps start to misalign a fair bit (e.g. 68.5° and 68.0° are the same temperature for the heat pump, but there is no setting for 22.5°C (72°F is too low, 73°F is too high).

To fix this, I figured I could set the Fahrenheit step size to 0.9° (exactly 0.5°C) so even though the steps would look weird (i.e. 68 → 68.9 → 69.8 → 70.7, etc.) they would each correspond to the actual set temperature of the heat pump. This almost worked, except it looks like by default the “steps” start at 0°F regardless of the minimum visual temperature value. So instead of 68°F = 20°C, I end up with 68.2°F = 20(.111)°C.

This is better at least since the gaps between steps are consistent, and the actual set temperature will be consistently 0.2°F lower than whatever the UI shows. But I’d really love to get it working properly.

Is there any way to change the value at which the steps start from 0° to 0.7°? Or some other solution I’ve missed that would help align the F values in the UI precisely with the C set points in the hardware?