Climate HVACS, different states


I configured our first climate object in HA, within KNX controller.
Therefore I set an operaten mode an operation mode state adress - this is working so far.

But in the interface I have more states than my KNX supports. Is there a way to define or rename the states?

Thanks a lot

Hi :wave:!
What are the shown modes/presets and which ones are supported?


I get the following modes:

Komfort, Abwesend, Sparmodus, Keine, Schlafen.

Supported is:

Frostschutz, Nacht und Komfort


Aha. Thats unusual, all actuators I have seen until now do support “Standby” (“away” in HA) also. What model is this?
Nevertheless you can override the shown presets by providing a list of supported ones to operation_modes.
See for the values of the different presets.


I have the MDT AKH-0800.03