Closing doors the fun way 👈

My SO wants to sleep with our bedroom door open, but in the summer, the light coming through the main door’s window (which can’t be curtained) wakes me up early! :weary:

So, I looked for a ready-to-use device with a servo motor and Zigbee communication to automatically close the door at sunrise. :sunrise:

Thanks to the Moes Chain Roller Blinds Motor, it was both fun and easy to do! :door::point_left::robot:

At first, I thought I’d have to set up something with a beaded chain to pull the door shut, but this clever little device, equipped with a brush and short limits on Zigbee2Mqtt, did the trick perfectly! :sweat_smile:

Featuring Kiki the dog, with love. :dog::heart:


There are a lot of possible applications with this thing.

You can print things for the axes for specific purpose, including the usage of gears and rack for linear movement, or endless screws.



Cute dog! :slight_smile:

Oh, and nice project! :laughing: :+1:

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After the POC, the v1 version is coming. :smiley:

I designed an arm to attach it directly on the axle.
My friend is going to 3D print for me. :slight_smile:

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Nice project, brilliant idea. Can you share a 3d print file, if you don’t mind?
I have 2 cats and dog, and they go in and out to our bedroom none stop. I have a light on first floor which is go on a minute before my alarm is go off and my wife is still sleeping, if the door is open, she is not happy at all :grinning: about these lights. TY

Now upgraded with 3D printed arm that fits to the axle thanks to my buddy who owns a 3D printer! He is going to fine tune the model and I’ll post the link when available.


Nice, looks like a bought device (that’s a compliment in this case :laughing: )!

I have to ask, why aren’t you changing that lights behaviour? :slight_smile: Just asking, really, but my first thought was “change the light” and not “close the door so you don’t see it”. :laughing: I mean, you obviously are familiar with home automation. :rofl:

Nice! V2 should include an actual hand on it and an automation to pat the dog if the door is already closed!


I am up at 4:30 Am and this light is at the kitchen, first floor, so I don’t have to walk in the dark.
Just a safety :rofl: reason

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