Cloud free temperature and humidy measurement


I use Home Assistant on Raspberry Pi and have a bad experience with Tuya integration. My sensors stop sending data, I have to restart integration frequently. So I am looking for a completely cloud free, reliable solution to measure temperature and humidity. I am thinking about using a SONOFF SNZB-02 and a SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus, but I am not sure that they can be used without any cloud connection. I also read about the same issue with this sensor in the forum (stops sending data, restart of integration is necessary), but they might used the eweLink cloud integration (it was not clear) and these integrations can pe problematic. Any suggestion for a reliable, cloud free solution? Thank you.

Those particular sensors are known to be problems, buy the Aqara temperature and humidity sensors instead.

You’ll also need to buy some mains powered devices to extend the Zigbee mesh - Zigbee power sockets are a typical option.

Thank you for your answer! The Aqara can be used cloud free, right?

Yes, they can. Zigbee is direct-connect - so HA picks it up and receives the updates directly.

Thank you!

I have 2 Aqara temperature and humidity sensors and they are very good