Cloud integrations good practice - HA getting slow

Hi All,

I would like to share my experience.
I have several cloud integrations in my setup like Tuya, Husqvarna, etc…
I discovered recently that some times my HA was getting slow responsive for strange and mysterious reasons…

After several time consuming investigations I discovered that it was due to some cloud integration having slow or no correct connexion making (I guess) the timeout procedure to slow down the complete HA server.

My solution was to create a slave HA handling all cloud integration and link it to my main/master HA.

I works like a charm and my main HA reacts fuzzily in all circumstances !

Working with docker containers I have know two HA instances with different ports: xx.xx.xx.xx:8123 (as standard) and xx.xx.xx.xx:8124 for the slave one.

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Is it a good practice though? I would rather find out what integrations made the main HA installation slow and troubleshoot those. I have several cloud integrations myself and I have never experienced any slowness.

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Well there are several factors like your internet link performance, geo location, etc…
I had problems notably with Tuya and Tesla.

I won’t say that it should be applied in all cases BUT that’s a fast fixing trick.
As the topic title said “HA getting Slow” …

As many HA lovers I like to get as much as possible into it but I have core automations and controls that are sensitive for the living confort and fundamental house controls that needs to be preserved from disturbances… None of these core components are cloud based because I don’t want the to be tight to the net.

All my cloud integrations are “nice to have” but not fundamental…

I discovered this flawn in HA and wanted to share that’s all, I’m not a Guru.

There are so many cloud based genuine/custom integrations that it is difficult to be more specific but I suggest anyone to test his HA instance without internet access just to check if his HA is exposed to such issue or not.

I don’t think there is a flaw in HA in regards to slowness and cloud integrations, my guess is that the problem lies with you locally. It can be undersized resources, unstable internet connection and more.

I’m glad that you solved it, but this is more a workaround than a solution. Adding an extra HA to manage just for cloud integrations adds more complexity and management. I would recommend digging in to the logs, do some proper troubleshooting and then potentially you don’t need a separate installation for cloud integrations.