Cloud message in HA to Automate llamalab

I integrated notifications from Automate llamalab integration to Android mobiles. Although it is being sent successfully, it does not diference between separated workflows.
At the automation in HA it would be expected to add a payload to then being received at the specific “cloud message receive” workflow block in android automate app… My problem is that message sent by HA is activating indiscriminately the 3 different flows I have.
I put a word as payload at message field in HA and the same word in the cloud receive block in output variables payload.
What am I doing wrong?

I found the solution that took me few days so I am sharing it if helping others.

Once Automate llamalab is integrated, you will be able to send cloud messages to you Android phone and activate flows on Automate app. I have for instance a zigbee button that a kind of “Findmyphone” or other auto that is starting HA companion app.
The way it is working is putting a word (payload) in message body at notify action. Then in Automate app, put message at payload field (in cloud receive block) and add another block called “expression true” and add message = “word”, so with this matching flow will go on.