Cloud Service and Alexa - Cloud UI output

I am using Home Assistant Cloud and Alexa. I am managing the entities that are enabled via the HA Cloud UI. However, I would like to change the names that Alexa responds to for the enabled devices. The HA Cloud configuration documentation explains how to do this. However, I would like to use the Cloud UI yaml configuration as a starting point rather than having to write all of the configuration from scratch. Does anyone know if the Cloud UI stores the configuration in yaml and if so where? Also, not sure where to put the suggestion, but adding the updated name to the Cloud UI be very helpful.

it’s in .storage as json objects. It’s not the same as yaml and you’ll have more trouble converting it if you don’t know json.

There’s a Feature Requests section for the forums.


I will check out the JSON and see if it makes it easier to write the yaml for the configuration file. Also, I added the feature request in the feature request section.