Cloudfare - Access denied

I can’t connect to this website using Firefox anymore as I have an error from Cloudfare saying “The owner of this website ( has banned your access based on your browser’s signature (58f8c30a1fb9cdbb-ua98).”

(Error code 1010)

What can I do to resolve this ? Who can I contact ?

Thank you

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A year later, the same thing is happening to me in Microsoft Edge. (different browser signature, but same error).

I’m not doing anything nefarious, and it works fine in Google Chrome.

Any ideas why Cloudflare is blocking us?

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“Browser Integrity Checking” seems to be the problem:

You can turn off this setting in Cloudflare.

In case this helps others searching, this turned out to be the “session buddy” extension.

I disabled the extension, refreshed this site, and it loaded right up. Then I re-enabled the extension and the site still works.

Same thing happened with Twitter. I have no idea why Session Buddy is causing sites to be blocked or to make the browser appear unsupported, but apparently it sometimes happens with MS Edge and extensions that enable modifying headers.

It never happened with Chrome, and so far has only happened with this forum and with Twitter in MS Edge.