CO sensor - MICS-5524 or MICS-6814


Has someone already integrated this kind of sensors?

I’m looking for a smaller form factor carbon monoxide sensors then the mq-7.


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Push this question up

If you have the MQ-7 or the MQ-2 up and running on an ESP32 for ESPHome, would you mind sharing that code?
And a follow-up Q; If I need to calibrate these components, do you might have some advice for me as to where to find such code too?

MQ sensors are VERY bad ones. Forget it.

What sensor do you recommend to an ESP32 and ESPHome?

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Why are MQ7 “so bad”? I mean - in what way? Accuracy? I just installed one in my basement where i have my pellets stove for central heating. I don’t need accuracy there, i just need to know if i’ll “die or stay alive”… :rofl: