Coffee grinder which doesn't have a simple on/off switch

We have this Delonghi Coffee grinder KG79 works great. You press the momentary button on top and then it grinds for whatever length of time is set using the rotary knob. I’d love to automate it so that I could set it to grind (which is v.noisy!) as I’m coming down the stairs to the kitchen for breakfast…but I’m wondering how to interface with the momentary switch. Am I overthinking how difficult it would be? Just use a relay (or even just a transistor?) to simulate the button press? Thanks!!
(as in: has anyone done anything similar?)

It could be done with a esp chip and a optocoupler, but you will need to take apart the grinder and solder some wires… Do you have photos of the inner workings? especially the button?

Thanks, I’ll take some pics of the inside of the grinder.