Collapsed attributes, could be disabled for those entities with only 1-2 attributes

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Every time when I want to check the attributes, it spent 1 more of click, and saves no space on the screen (even waste more for 1-attribute entities).

Sure, it’s good for those with 3 or more attributes.

Most of the time, you don’t need to those and often contain technical data that only confuse or clutter.

I disagree. The extra click is a nuisance.

Please give us the option to hide or show attributes without the extra click needed.

Yes! I wish there could be a option to disable “collapsed attributes”. and I think I will never enable it if I have the choice.

Yeh the option would be good. Usually I’m clicking on the entity to view the attributes in the first place so I’d rather them be expanded by default.

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How do I use one of these “collapsed attributes” as a (numeric) sensor to trigger an automation?
I’d like to be the one who decides what’s “confusing and cluttering technical data” and what isn’t…

“State-based template sensors” and “Template trigger” are the answers for your question, and I don’t think it has any relationship with the feature collapsed attributes.
more info:
Template - Home Assistant (
Automation Trigger