Collect data between 19:00 until 05:00

I want to collect electricity usage in kWh between 18:00 until 06:00 o’clock. Reason because I want to have historical data how much electricity we use during that time, to determine the home battery size we might need.

So, I can create a utility meter for electricity usage with daily reset. But how can I get only the data between 19:00 and 5:00?

Anyone has any idea?

or could someone provide me the yaml code?

Template sensor, created via the UI. Presumably you are integrating a power sensor to energy? If so, just “gate” that to the times you want.

State template like this:

{{ 0 if 5 <= now().hour < 19 else states('sensor.YOUR_POWER_SENSOR') }}

then feed that new template sensor to the energy integration sensor.

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If you are already measuring your power consumption and are familiar with SQL, you can also query the power consumption values for certain periods directly from the Home Assistant database and / or create an SQL sensor for this :wink:
The long term statistics data is sampled once per hour, to save storage.

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hi thanks for the help, I created the template but I had to set Kwh and device class: energy, I hope I did well.
As indicated below, my sensor measures the discharge in kWh so, let’s see if I did it right…


That won’t work then. It’ll report 0 during the day then at 19:00 it’ll jump back up to where it would have been anyway.

You’ll need a bit more of a complicated solution if you only have a cumulative energy sensor.

  • 00:00 to 05:00 — straight copy of the source
  • 05:00 — record the energy level using a trigger-based template sensor (call that value x)
  • 05:00 to 19:00 — output x
  • 19:00 — record the energy level from the source sensor using another trigger-based template sensor (call that value y)
  • 19:00 to 23:59 — output the source sensor minus (y-x).

I realized that I also have the sensor that measures the active power in watt, the problem is that it is negative when it is charging and positive when it is discharging, I need to know the consumption in kWh of the battery from 7pm to 5am

sensore name: