Combine two entities in a card

Hey all,

I am a bit stumped here. I have bought some new light switches (Aqara H1). I wanted them to function as switches, but have hit a snag.

In a mushroom card, or slmilar, I want to show the info from a light bulb but have the action for toggling on and off the switch. That way the switch acts like a real switch, but if it is off I can turn it on and show the state of the bulb (colour, brightness etc) in a card.

I have tried a mushroom card showing the bulb and the action to call a service to toggle the switch but I get an error 'Failed to call service, must contain at least one of entity id, device id etc.

Anyone know of a way to combine info from one device and call a sevice of a different device?

I have put the code below and tried a few different ways, but I always get the error.

type: custom:slider-button-card
entity: light.granny_room_main
  direction: left-right
  background: gradient
  use_state_color: true
  use_percentage_bg_opacity: false
  show_track: false
  toggle_on_click: false
  force_square: false
  show_attribute: false
show_name: true
show_state: true
compact: false
  show: true
  use_state_color: true
    action: call-service
    service: light.toggle
      entity_id: light.office_main
    data: {}
  icon: ''
  mode: custom
  icon: mdi:power
  show: true
  show_spinner: true
    action: call-service
    service: switch.toggle
      entity_id: switch.zmpbdw_granny_left
    data: {}

I use multiple-entity-row from hacs, maybe it can help you

I came up with a different solution for this problem. I had already created a light via the helper from the switch. Then I created a light group from the new Light (switch) and the actual bulb.

This allows me to have the wall switch toggle the light bulb, and the light group to display all the info re the bulb.