Command line error, cannot debug or see where is problem

I am traying to read Cannon ink levels but there is not result shown in HA.

  - platform: command_line
    name: "Canon tink"
    scan_interval: 60
    command: "ink -b bjnp:// "

i have also tryed

    command: "sudo ink -b bjnp:// | grep %"

i have set log level

  default: debug

When i run command from bash it is working well

ink -b bjnp:// 

result is

ink 0.5.3 © 2018 Markus Heinz

Canon MP560 series

Black: 100%
Photoblack: 100%
Yellow: 70%
Magenta: 70%
Cyan: 100%

When i read log i see only error, there is no call stack or detailed log.

Raspberry PI 3b+ with Docker installation of HA.

Please help, why result of command is not viewed in HA ?

Thank You