Community forum availability issues

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I am finding that the community forum is not accessible a lot of the time … maybe 50/50. I get a CloudFare error saying my connectivity is good but the community is down. I don’t get a cached version of the site which is what CloudFare is there to do, although I guess that’s of limited use on an interactive forum. Are others experiencing this over the last few days ?

Edit… also noticed that if you post in uncategorised it doesn’t show up in ‘latest’ so I’ve moved this to development as there isn’t a category for community/forum. Sorry if it’s now in the wrong place

I dont know about 50/59 but it happens more and more often

I’m also getting Cloudfair cached versions most of the day today.

Same here. Seems to be happening more often.

I had it all day yesterday. It came back up in the evening. Then down this morning but back up now, obviously :slight_smile:

Every day, since a week or so!
No fun!

Getting worse - no access most evenings between 6pm and 10pm GMT

The forum admins have made a number of changes, and you should have noticed that for the last couple of days there’s been no more downtime :wink:

Not exactly sure about “the last couple of days”, but if something has been done to improve the up-time, then please thank the admins! :slight_smile:

Well, a couple of days less a few hours (somewhere between 36 and 40 hours I think).

The fact that money for the new cloud service will be arriving, instead of the forums being run out of the developers pockets, meant that they could upgrade things that were maxed out.

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