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Getting an issue with using Grafana graphs in iframes in lovelace after the last release.
The legend is showing, but getting the following error message.

The iFrame works when pointing to the “link” adress instead of the “embed” adress as I was doing before, But that does not give the result I am looking for.

Thanks for your assistance!


Nice job keeping this up to date. :slight_smile:

Has anyone used this addon with MariaDB 10 / MySQL database?

All of the guides I’ve found so far only document using InfluxDB which looks to be ‘SQL like’ so I guess the settings are pretty similar?

The HA guide is here:

EDIT: The included MySQL datasource seems to be working for me now. :slight_smile:


Same issue in my config after latest update.

The same behavior in Firefox browser. MS Edge browser does display a graph but scaled incorrectly.

A (hopefully temporarily) workaround for this: use the Grafana ‘Direct link rendered image’ option found in the Link tab on the Share Panel.

This basically creates a link to a rendered picture of the panel you want by adding ‘render/’ in the url. You can configure the numbers in the ‘&width=1000&height=500’ part of the url to suit your needs.

Of course you will need to remove the ‘&from=1544223600000&to=1544275759966’ part from the url to have it display the time frame you have set for the panel (it will refresh).

You loose the dynamic scalability of the panels though.


UPDATE 1.2.1 FIXED IT Thank you
In the latest update it looks like the iframe content is loaded while the iframe itself is set to invisible and report his height to 0 and that generate the issue on my attached image.


Hope it help target the problem and fix it.


:tada: Release v1.2.1

This release upgrades Grafana to 5.4.1 :tada:, which fixes a lot of small bugs introduced in Grafana 5.4.0.

Full Changelog

  • Upgrades Grafana to 5.4.1

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Thanks Frenck!
This update fixed my ‘Invalid dimensions for plot’ error as well. Graphs using the iframe share link are displayed as they did before update v1.2.0.