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Community Hass.io Add-on: motionEye

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Raspberry Pi 3B+ can’t handle the load. You will need to upgrade to a much faster CPU if you want reliable motion detection and recording from cameras. I’m using the Asus Tinkerboard S (like a slightly faster rPI3B) and it displays video at 5fps and records at 2fps. Not very useful at the moment.

Doing a straight RTSP stream from the camera to my laptop using VLC media player shows a smooth 30fps, so I don’t think it is the camera or wifi issue.


I don’t want to record all time video.
I want to record snap only when motion is detected.
I have nvm for recording


Once Wyze releases rtsp support until then you have to proxy it through tinycam pro or flash the dafang-hacks firmware


i always used Synology Surveillance station, i really like it because of :slight_smile:

  • home mode
  • the timeline feature to view recorded footage of all cameras at once

is this also possible with motioneye?

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hi all, i am pretty new and have set up my hassio since a few weeks and it work sfine.

Now i want a logitech c922 working with motioneye, but it doesnt find it…

–> so i found the device via lsusb but still no luck with motion…

Anybody the same issue?


this would be very useful, did you find a solution?


i am sorry, but no i didnt get it worked…


I’m having an issue with that one of my cameras is going off-line like every third day or so, not really sure what the issue is but a simple restart of the camera does the trick to fix it. I’m doing the restart through a rest_command and then the camera is up and running again.

Now I’d like motionEye to tell me when the camera goes off-line and I have found the config option under the webcontrol:

on_camera_lost = (null)
on_camera_found = (null)

I believe that this is what I’m looking for, but how should I get the config in and what could be the best solution to use? I’m thinking a web-hook is probably easiest, but maybe there are other ideas?

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i just install the addon.
do i need to open a port in the router ?
cant open WEB UI.


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check config of the add-on, most likely you have ssl=true although it should be false.


i change it to false now but still no go



Could you show the start-up log here? ( of the add-on )

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After a few unsuccessful tries I managed to add my camera. But I have no idea what have I actually put in as stream. Is it possible to see what I have in motionEye configuration for camera?


And the other problem, how to resize card in lovelace, to see the screen from all the cameras


If you have https activated in HA, you need to port forward in your router.


ok, installed this addon, added cameras succesfully?
but how to show them in lovelace? i dont see a platform: motioneye ?


Use the camera: platform, or the new stream: platform


for stream: i need the generic platform
=> but what is the streaming url then for motioneye?

for camera: platform => i dont see motioneye here?
=> https://www.home-assistant.io/components/camera/

so still dont know how to add cameras in to HA :slight_smile: , i only see the option to embed an iframe


Motoneye is not a platform, so you won’t see it as camera: motioneye or platform: motioneye. Use the generic camera platform with the same url you entered into the motioneye add-on


ok, thnx for confirming

do you know if motioneye is able to create RTSP streams or JPEG streams , that we can use in generic platform? like synology surveillance system , is able to make new rtsp streams