Community Add-on: Node-RED

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What is the proper way to install a node in the addon that isn’t available on NPM ?

There is a fork of a node up on github that I’d like to use - Node docs say that you can install local addons via command line, but I’m not sure how this works when the addon… any tips ?


You’ll probably need some system_packages and init_commands.

Maybe link the repository in question so others can have a look.


Thanks for the tips - This is the repo i’d like to use, as it had a useful addition compared to the version in NPM:-

"npm_packages": [

Should do the trick…


I think its a wider problem with the new HASS authentication scheme. It has created problems across the platform and is all poorly documented.

Am having the same problem though. Node-Red can’t connect to Hass even after a Supervisor restart and uninstall/reinstall of Node-Red


Thanks rodh. You just validated my decision to wait on the upgrade. I want to test and make things better, but I don’t want to crash my entire system.


So… Yeah this is just bullcrap now. You are quoting an old post, which has been answered btw… Just to make a statement on your own frustration?

I have helped dozens of people, on the forum, but in the Discord servers as well… Every single one, was caused by their own doings.

So, if you are asking for help here (which I’m not sure about…), then please provide some information that allows me or others to help.

These kind of posts does not help anybody.


I lose my flows after first server restart and I realize that flows is not included in home assistant snapshot i have full snapshot and if I restore it flows are not back and manualy searching in snapshot file there is just options.json file backuped.


That doesn’t sound right! Snapshots are not controlled or provided by the addon… So not much I can do to help you there. Please be sure to report the issue with the hassio GitHub repository. Could you share the link of the created issue for reference? :+1:


The add-on creates a node-red folder in your homeassistant config folder. That folder should be in your snapshot. You should find your flows there.


There are no flows in that folder (in snapshot file of node red folder is just options.json file and addon.json)
P.S. Maybe is something with my install so I will try to install one more in virtual box to try that again

P.S.S. homeassistant.tar.gz/data/tmp/tmp4t8_e0tt/homeassistant.tar(deps fiolder is empty) :image


If you open the tar file, check the ‘.\homeassistant.tar.gz’.
Then you should see a ‘.\node-red’ folder inside.
Not the ‘.\a0d7b954_nodered.tar.gz’ file of the add-on.


Screenshot seems a bit empty. My contents (most folders are created by me during the time I use



I don’t have these folders in snapshot file


You have a reasonably fresh install so to see. Once you start expanding and or splitting the configuration.yaml file, you will see them grow.

The node-red folder was definitely not created by me. I only did rename it once to node-red_old for testing purposes. A new one was created by the add-on.
I do not know why yours was not created however. Did you deploy the flows after creating them?


Yes, I deploy flows and using server normal for 11 days and today I turn off server to replace hdd enclosure with one without led and after turning on I am unable to log in node red and then i uninstall node-red addon and install again and try to load backup and flow doesn’t appear and then create some flows and try new backups and same things here so i posted here. Now I am installing ubuntu server in Virtual Box to try second hassio install and see if there will be fine I will reinstall hassio.


That doesn’t matter… the /config/node-red folder is created on add-on start. If it fails to create it, the add-on won’t even start.


I have node-red folder in config but i don’t have it in snapshot
config folder in samba share:


That would definitely rule out any issue on the add-on side of it.

Snapshot gone wrong…


I believe you did make a partial snapshot then i.s.o. a full one, they do not contain the folders you have created yourself (or the add-on in this case). I just checked a partial snapshot I created myself and noticed that all other folders are missing. (I was not aware of that):


I now see! Sorry for wasting your time :frowning: When i created partal snapshot and select everything i have that
but when i select full snapshot i dont have that. Maybe something with my install. I will just use partial snapshot and all is fine :slight_smile: Thanks for helping me and again: Sorry for wasting your time!