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This Worked for me too, thank you!


I need some assistance configuring the Pi-hole addon. I’m running Centos 7. When I start Pi-hole, it starts up fine but I’m getting this error in my log:

dnsmasq: failed to create listening socket for port 53: Address in use

I’ve determined that dnsmasq is part of NetworkManager for Centos 7 and is already running. Is there a way I can configure Pi-hole to use the already running dnsmasq?


Disable the service on centos 7 that is utilising port 53. Then pi-hole will be able to establish a listening socket. Ran into the same thing recently on ubuntu.


When will the addon be updated to the newest version of pihole 4.2.2.

Currently the addon is at 4.1-dirty

How long does it usually take to get to the newest version?


Hi everyone, I’m trying to get some of the hosts to show names instead of IP addresses.
Add the config, saved and restarted, but no cigar. Still IP addresses.

What I am doing wrong?

"log_level": "info",
"password": "***",
"update_lists_on_start": false,
"admin_port": 4865,
"dns_port": 53,
"ssl": true,
"certfile": "fullchain.pem",
"keyfile": "privkey.pem",
"interface": "",
"ipv6": true,
"ipv4_address": "",
"ipv6_address": "",
"virtual_host": "***",
"hosts": [
        "name": "echo-bedroom",
        "ip": ""
        "name": "echo-livingroom",
        "ip": ""
        "name": "nvidia-shield",
        "ip": ""
        "name": "tv-livingroom",
        "ip": ""



Can you be a bit more specific?
From where do you want them to show name instead of ip and are you 100% sure the pi-hole is used for dns on that system.


Sorry. I thought it was clear.

Yes, everything is working fine regarding functionality.
I just want to have custom names on the frontend for devices that either reporting only IP or the ones which have an unfriendly name and I can’t change it on the device (Echo devices, for example).

But most devices do show in the frontend with proper names.

Did I understand incorrectly that the hosts config was meant for custom names?


I dont know where pi-hole gets the name from. But the Hosts is just a regular static dns record, like if you want to use split dns for reaching internal IP of your HA with the same FQDN as whenn outside you can put the same FQDN and the internal IP.
Or if you put you can get it to direct to your local server :wink:


are we talking about the same thing?

Per documentation:
This option allows you create your own DNS entries for your LAN. This capability can be handy for pointing easy to remember hostnames to an IP (e.g., point printer.local to the IP address of your printer).


As per the messages above, I’ve set a static DNS and IP for my Pi to get around network issues, but I’m still having them. Google TTS requests fail as do Darksky API requests. Any ideas what’s going on?


Is it possible to use Pi-hole iframe with Caddy reverse proxy?

I have tried both ssl: true and ssl: false in combination with http and https in iframe url and none of these settings works correctly. I can still acces Pi-hole admin page from local network through my local Pi adress:4865.


    title: Pi-hole
    icon: mdi:block-helper

Caddy config: {
    proxy / {    #(tried also /admin/ at the end of url)

Other addons (eg. Tasmoadmin) configured in this way are working without any issues.


:tada: Release v3.0.0

Full Changelog


  • Removes BountySource links
  • Removes links
  • Updates maintenance year to 2019
  • Refactor of GitLab CI
  • Upgrades wget to 1.20.1-r0
  • Configure Renovate (#58)
  • Upgrades add-on base image to 3.0.0
  • Upgrades gcc to 8.2.0-r2
  • Upgrades musl-dev to 1.1.20-r3
  • Upgrades linux-headers to 4.18.13-r1
  • Upgrades nettle-dev to 3.4.1-r0
  • Upgrades coreutils to 8.30-r0
  • Upgrades git to 2.20.1-r0
  • Upgrades libcap to 2.26-r0
  • Upgrades libxml2 to 2.9.9-r1
  • Upgrades logrotate to 3.15.0-r0
  • Upgrades ncurses to 6.1_p20190105-r0
  • Upgrades openssl to 1.1.1b-r1
  • Upgrades PHP to 7.2.14-r0
  • Upgrades psmisc to 23.2-r1
  • Upgrades sed to 4.5-r0
  • Upgrades sudo to 1.8.25_p1-r2
  • Makes log_level optional
  • Removes custom log format override
  • Rewrite add-on onto Bashio
  • Upgrades Pi-hole Core to v4.2.2
  • Upgrades Pi-hole web interface to v4.2
  • Upgrades Pi-hole FTL to v4.2.3
  • Drops legacy tag support
  • Adds support for ARMv7
  • Changes add-on URL to point to GitHub

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:tada: Release v3.0.1

Full Changelog


  • Fixes bug in custom virtual host function call

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:tada: Release v3.0.2

Full Changelog


  • Fixes virtual host saving to env
  • Workaround Docker issue by reinstating legacy tags

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