Compact cards, control a card's aspect and max/min width and height for use in sections view

With the newish sections view I can see a way to make layouts in lovelace something similar to homehabit. But the cards themselves (e.g. sensor card) create too much dead space and you can’t (easily) control aspect and size and turn off the icon.

Is there already a good project for basic cards (i.e. sensor, button, thermostat) designed to be more compact like homehabit’s widgets (i.e. control aspect (squarish) and max/min width/height) than those available in core?

And to preempt answers that say just run homehabit I already do on three tablets and its excellent. BUT homehabit is not supported on phones only tablets so I can’t get that compact look on my phone and of course never on my dev machine or laptop in a browser (lovelace).

Also, I am aware of the custom button card and that’s the idea but that’s only for buttons

I am not interested in another lovelace “panel” project. The new sections view will work for my purposes if only I had a selection of cards designed to be compact.