Companion app can't connect to HA on home network but browser can

I have an HA instance that runs in a VM on a Linux Mint machine which is connected to my router via ethernet. It is configured to be accessible from the local network only.
Right now, I cannot access it with the companion app, which claims the server is unreachable.
However, if I use my browser (Firefox mobile) it can reach the dashboard on both the IPv4 and the xxx.local adress of my instance.
Furthermore, I can see that the app can reach the instance because the sensors get updated. So there must be something going wrong when trying to open the UI.

This issue comes and goes, without any clear pattern for as far as I can tell.

Who has suggestions about possible solutions to this issue?

Thanks, Allard

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No suggestions at all? Did I supply enough information? Both the Android app and the Ha instance are the latest version.

this means that API calls are working but authenticated webview is not working. Have you tried rebooting your VM host and other things already?

Just to add. I’m running HA OS on a RPI4. Updated both OS and APP. I have the exact same issue as you ever since the first version I installed back in January. In my case, I have the nabu casa subscription, and a cloudflare tunnel. At least once a week, the companion app refuses to connect to the server. Most times only through the local wifi. If I disable wifi, it connects. But sometimes, like today, it doesn’t connect either via ipv4, xxx.local, cloudflare, or nabu casa. Through the browser, no problems whatsoever.

I’ve tried several solutions found either in this forum or elsewhere, nothing has permanently fixed the issue.

Yes, I’ve rebooted everything multiple times. Sometimes it works after a reboot, sometimes it doesn’t. Can’t really find a clear pattern yet.

that points more to a network issue than anything

It still remains that I can get the frontend displayed in my browser but not in the companion app. And I am talking about the browser on the same phone that has the app installed. So I don’t think it is a network issue, the IP address is reachable and the relevant information can reach my phone.

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