Completely lost after trying to update HA,

Hi all,

phf, I thought, time to update HA, wanted to install something that required newer version, and it was so well documented…couldn’t go wrong.

Of course… it did.
I went through the steps, backed up everything in the docker folder where HA runs from, selected that location during install as the config location.
BUt now all my settings are gone, and it didn’t update…anything. COnfiguration file (which still is in that folder) isn’t read at all, my HACS (which are in the folder) are there, but not visible in HA…

Loss loss I’d say. I defo did something wrong.
What should I check?


ps: this is the install script
docker run -d \ --name homeassistant \ --restart=unless-stopped \ --privileged \ -e TZ=Europe/Amsterdam \ -v /mnt/docker/ \ --network=host \

ps2: reddit convo Completely lost after trying to update HA container : homeassistant (

Might be my ignorance here but when you use -v don’t you normally have to specify where you want to mount the folder within the container? Like I thought people normally did this:

-v /mnt/docker/config:/config

You’re missing the second part to tell it where to mount that folder. I guess you’re expecting it to just default to / like this?

-v /mnt/docker:/

Which might happen? I don’t see that behavior mentioned anywhere in the docker docs though so I’m not sure. Either way doesn’t seem like a great idea to mount a folder as / to me, feel like you should bind the individual subfolders to /config, /media and whatever else you need.

EDIT: Yea another user basically said the same thing in the reddit post you linked. You dropped the :/config part from their command in your reply so then it didn’t work again.

Also you say you copied that command from the docs. Can you point me to where you found that? I’m looking at install home assistant container and it says the command to use is this:

docker run -d \
  --name homeassistant \
  --privileged \
  --restart=unless-stopped \
  -v /PATH_TO_YOUR_CONFIG:/config \
  --network=host \

Which doesn’t match wnat you’re showing and notably includes this bit:

 -v /PATH_TO_YOUR_CONFIG:/config 

It clearly specifies where to mount the config folder within the container here.

If the doc is saying something different somewhere please let me know where as it seems like that needs an update.