Comulated rain forecast

Hi, it is possible somehow to get a cumulated rain(for every day) volume forecast for a few days? I was thinking it could be possible with an open weather map but it does not work. I think it only forecasts rain precipitation for now+24, now+48, etc. Not for the whole day. My config and required values in images. For example tomorrow forecast should be 6.15mm as the last screenshot.

Your weather data shows one forecast per day.
1589457600 is today at noon, 1589544000 is tomorrow at noon.

How do you see 6.15 mm?

6.15 is precipation at openweathermap online web page… I need get this value from api… It is at 2nd screenshot.

Hi, I solved this problem with scrape integration and readings from my local weather provider.

Hey David,
I tried integrating rain forecast for tomorrow two with OWM, …no success.
Furthermore I would like to know how many mm it rained today or yestereday in total.

The Idea is, that HA will only water my garden if there was no rain today, and it will not rain tomorrow :slight_smile:

Could you provide more Information, how your solution with “scape integration” works, or provide code?

Kind regards, JHWas.

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