ConBee II going hours without update

Hi all, I was using an Aqara hub with temp sensor and decide to go with a ConBee II instead. Since setting it up, the temp sensor will go many hours without an update…far longer than it ever did with the Aqara hub. Signal strength isn’t an issue (I think) - the sensor has never gone offline, and heating the sensor causes it to update. But I have the Aqara sensor next to another (fairly accurate) thermometer and I watch the temp in the room change by 6 degrees, but the Aqara never updated. Any thoughts why that may be? Thank you!!


I believe they don’t report temp changes if the difference is within a certain tolerance. If you think about it, it’s probably a battery saving “feature”. No need to keep saying “it’s 75.2F” every 5 minutes. Try placing it in a fridge or freezer and see how often it reports, then wait for the reports to slow down and remove it and monitor again. Mine do the same thing.

It could also be range related, if it’s not doing what’s described above. Check your zigbee mesh.