Config check and restart from servermanagment is really slow

Since the update of (I think it was) 0.96 or 0.97 checking the config and restarting Home Assistant through the servermanagement is really, really, really slow.

Checking the config will take around 2 or 3 minutes and re-starting can take around 6 - 10 minutes… When you make some changes and have to restart multiple times it gets really annoying to wait for this long.

Before the update of 0.96 or 0.96 it didn’t took that much time… Anyone knows why it takes so long?

I run on a Rasspberry Pi 3B

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Me too. I don’t know why but takes long for checks and for start doing restarts.

I’m on docker

Me too, :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

This is the issue, Config Check would take many minutes for me also, HassIO + Raspberry Pi 3.

I’ve since moved VENV + Raspberry Pi 3 , ‘Config Check’ takes less than 5 seconds!

It’s like I’ve gone from a celeron to an I9 :wink:

Do you have a guide to move to a VENV?

I don’t have a guide, I did this:

  1. Get a fresh 32GB SD card

  2. Install the latest Raspbian Buster Lite from here

  3. I used the VENV install guide here

  4. I store my config on a repo like Github, so after setting up my credientials, I do a git pull to download my config.

  5. Reboot and done.

If I need any odd files I can always pull from from my HassIO SD card, but I haven’t needed to do so yet. I also download a HassIO snapshot also, just in case.

If you don’t get on with VENV you can easily go back to HassIO by swapping SD cards. :slight_smile:

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Help me, help me