Config for detecting (433MHz) wall button switch correctly?

Hi everyone!

Seems I might have posted this in the wrong forum the other day so this is a repost in what I hope is the correct forum :smile: I’m a total HA-newbie and I’ve have googled and searched the forum but couldn’t find tips to help me understand this 100%.

My question is: Should 433MHz outlet switches and wall button switches really be the same kind of item in HA?

I’m using a Telldus DUO to control and recieve signals. Everything works, I can turn lights on and off. And if I push wall buttons their status change in HA. But what to me is confusing is that the wall button switches show up looking exactly like outlet switches in HA. As you can see below they do have identical set ups in tellstick.conf apart from the actual id. I would have thought they should be differentiated in HA, one is an input and the other one an output. This makes me very unsure how to write an automation in configuration.yaml. Any tips or pointers on how it’s supposed to look and automation flow is deeply appreciated!

In configuration.yaml I have this:

  signal_repetitions: 3

  - platform: tellstick

In tellstick.conf I have this:

user = "nobody"
group = "plugdev"
deviceNode = "/dev/tellstick"
ignoreControllerConfirmation = "false"
device {
  id = 4
  name = "Outlet switch"
  controller = 0
  protocol = "arctech"
  model = "selflearning-switch"
  parameters {
    house = "1000001"
    unit = "1"
device {
  id = 204
  name = "Wall switch"
  protocol = "arctech"
  model = "selflearning-switch"
  parameters {
    house = "14637066"
    unit = "16"

My stuff:

  • Raspbian Jessie with HA 0.57.3 installed
  • Tellstick DUO (not NET) + a bunch of 433MHz outlet switches and wall button switches.

No answer yet… I’ve installed, now running version 0.58.1, which has incomplete support for Tellstick Duo. When it’s ready (maybe in a week, maybe longer, depending on the folks working on this), I’ll be interested in putting my switches as well as my buttons to work, so I might have something to add here.

From my unix box, I ran an example python script for, which displays all events caught by the Tellstick Duo, such as the RAW events from the buttons. I was thinking that I might want to let a given button dictate the ID of a specific switch, but I’d much rater let Home Assistant map any number of buttons to any number of switches! Is that what you’d like to accomplish as well?

Oh and I’d like to push a button to remember the milk (and have it delivered), of course.

Yeah I run “tellcore_events --raw” to get the hardwired ID of all the wall switches and remote controls. Then I enter the IDs into tellstick.conf. The remotes and all pop up in HA under “Switch” where also all outlets are listed. Maybe I’m looking at this from the wrong angle, maybe it’s the outlets that should be configured differently?

Anyway, as you say, I want to be able to trigger events in HA when pushing wall switches and map these events to turning on ligths and other stuff.

Hello, did you ever solve this? I have the exact same setup and want to achieve the same thing. Now, I got one outlet working by teaching it from the HA gui by sending:
I had to define the device with id 1 on the tellstick config first. But that only seem to have worked once, did not get any more devices working this way, also not been able to map any remotes to my HA. All documentation looks really simplified, or I am missing some basic part that is taken for granted…