Config questions for QNAP installation (newbie)


I just installed HA on my QNAP following this guide. The installation is pretty intuitive, and I could access HA UI from the 8123 port.

I have several questions (maybe silly):

  1. I didn’t need to setup the account. When I opened the page on 8123 port, it logged me in directly. I could logout, but there is no username field, and I could login without passport (or with any password). Is it normal? How could I setup accounts?
  2. How can I enable the Supervisor view? I want to use the Add-on store, since I don’t know how to access these official add-ons besides it?
  3. A guide said under “Configuration” Panel there should be an “Integration” panel there, but it doesn’t show up for me. Is it also controlled by config and not enabled by default?


I believe you’re just installing Home Assistant Core with those instructions.

There appear to be several additional related docker containers in the container store, and I would guess some of these can add that supervisor functionality.

Please let me know if you solve this! It would be so nice to get a simplified way of installing Home Assistant (with supervisor) on QNAP NASes!