Configuration issues on zwave using rpi3 and aeotec zwave gen5

I installeren the latest version of on my raspberry pi 3. To interact with my fibaro switches and dimmers I use an aeotec zwave usb stick gen 5.
After adding the zwave config line to the config file, it started detecting my zwave devices. However, I now have a whole bunch of switches, labeled fibaro, and switches unlabeled; in total much more than I physically installed. Some of these switches in don’t respond I.e. I toggle them but they latch back and no lights are switched on. Additionally, it also detected much more zwave devices than I installed, and some of them are labeled “dead”.
How to fix this, so I get a clean set of switches which run stable.?
Do I need to add extra zwave code to the config file? What about polling?
Thanks for the help.

I’ve had the problem with dead nodes myself. The way I got it sorted was to go to Z-Wave in the left menu.
Under Z-Wave Node Management choose the dead node and then click on “Remove failed node”.

Thanks Nepsir for the tip. This I can use for permanently dead switches, however, I experienced that by using heal/restart, some of the devices were ready again. I can’t understand what’s causing this. It looks like the zwave network is not stable. Also, why do I see so many devices?

I don’t see what you see, but some devices have multiple sensors and those show up in the interface. If this is the case for what you see, you can either use them, or you can hide them from the interface using the customize feature. Check out Even when things are hidden they can be used in scenes, automations etc.

Hi all. Having similar issue, particularly with one switch. It constantly goes to ‘dead’ status. I usually just have to ‘heal’ the network and reboot HA to solve the issue, but it is a pain to have to do that a couple times a week. Any ideas of what can be the root cause? Or where to start looking for a root cause?

It’s usually range issues, battery operated zwave devices do not function as repeaters only powered devices do, such as light switches and outlets.

I have 4 zwave devices:
-the zstick connected to the RPI3
-2 switches (wired, i.e., not battery operated)
-1 motion sensor (battery operated)

Hi Zarthan,
You’re right, that I can have multiple switches. However I have 2 single fibaro 3kw relais and 2 dual fibaro relais 2x1.5kw). In one of the 2 single relais nodes 2 switches are assigned instead of 1, and in one of the 2 dual relais nodes 3 switches are assigned instead of 2.

The best thing I can do is to try each of the switches, and hide those that don’t give a response.

As for the random “dead” nodes, I wonder if it would help to add a polling line to the config file and/or set the zwave network to auto heal at midnight.

Btw how can/where rename the switches in The current docs refer to a rassbian answer. In my config file I don’t see the zwave nodes.

In the Zwave Panel, there is a Rename Node option…

I tried the rename option, but nothing really happens. It still shows the original name “switch” in my states

After the rename you will need to restart HA.

Tried the restart, still doesn’t let me change a name.

You can manually rename the nodes in the XML file.

Step 1: Shutdown HA
Step 2: Edit zwcfg_xxxxxxx.xml or ozwcache_xxxxxxx.xml
Step 3: Find the node you want to rename in the file ie: <Node id="6" name="Garage_Door" location="Garage" basic="4" generic="64"...
Step 4: Change the name= part to what you want the name of the device to be as show in my example.
Step 5: After saving the changes, start HA.

It should be renamed now.

Hi firstof9,
I’ll try. Some questions. I didn’t read your answer correctly, and changed another parameter: label. Original name was “switch” and I changed it to “wall plug”. However after restart, the label was reset to “switch” again. Is this due to the xml being populated with info from my aeotec gen 5 stick?

Also, do you know what the other parameters in the xml represent? Are any changes in the xml also written to the zwave stick?
Thanks in advance for your help.

The OpenZwave library stores the devices in the XML once it’s populated it doesn’t touch it again unless it is to rename (by command) or add/remove devices, nothing is stored in the stick. Did you make sure HA was shutdown before editing?

In my HA states overview I have 3 columns. In the middle column, titled Zwave, I see my zwave devices. In the right column, titled Switch, I see the switches associated to the zwave devices. When I use your procedure, I can changes the names in the middle column, but not in the right column.
Is it also possible to
a) change the names in the right column (switches)?
B) hide certain switches?

Please provide a screenshot to better explain.

Hi firstof9, see picture.
The red square is a name change in the middle column I could achieve, using your recommendation.
I also want to change the name in the right column (green square). It shows “switch”, but I don’t know how to change it. In the xml file it shows an entry called “label=Switch”. But if I change the word switch, this word is overwritten as soon as I start hassio again.
Also in the blue square you see a switch, that I want to hide. Somehow it detected 3 switches on a fibaro dual. But really there are only 2.

Ah, now I understand, that part you cannot change. It’s programmatically added within HA.

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If I look through the documentation, it states you can customize zwave and use friendly names. I assume this applies to hassbian and not hassio?