Configurator and iPanel devices (node-red) not working, Please help!

I currently have to access my configurator via the port either on my local IP or through duckdns. I cannot access my device via hassio.local for some reason, which I believe is related to the problem. I have been trying to add in node-red to the panel as well, but it does not show up and just throws and error in my config file, but it flags something wrong with my groups! line, which is weird, but such is coding. Any way, here is my config file:


    title: Configurator
    icon: mdi:wrench
#  nodered:
#    title: Node-RED
#    icon: mdi:sitemap
#    url: 

and here is the configurator settings:

  "username": "me",
  "password": "pswd",
  "ssl": false,
  "certfile": "fullchain.pem",
  "keyfile": "privkey.pem",
  "allowed_networks": [
  "banned_ips": [
  "banlimit": 5,
  "ignore_pattern": [
  "dirsfirst": false,
  "enforce_basepath": false,
  "notify_service": "persistent_notification.create"

I had configurator originally set to hassio.local:3218 but I can’t access hassio.local anymore. Is there something I need to set in my router? And is there a way I can set it to be able to be accessible from duckdns as well? I had to set the allowed networks to be able to access it from but I still don’t know how you would set it up to access it via the panel through duckdns.

my node-red config:

  "log_level": "info",
  "credential_secret": "xxxxxxx",
  "http_node": {
    "username": "xxxxxx",
    "password": "xxxxx"
  "http_static": {
    "username": "xxxxxxxx",
    "password": "xxxxxx"
  "port": 1880,
  "ssl": false,
  "certfile": "fullchain.pem",
  "keyfile": "privkey.pem",
  "require_ssl": false,
  "system_packages": [],
  "npm_packages": [],
  "init_commands": []

Can you access it via http://ip-address:port?

Hassio.local doesn’t work on my PC either (it used to before a reinstall of windows) But even the docs say if it doesn’t work to use the IP address.

If I type it into the address bar of my browser, yes, but nothing I’ve put into the config.yaml has let me access it via the UI

so do you use the duckdns normally to access HA? is it https://?

You can’t mix https and have http in an iFrame.

If you use https://duckdns you will need to have the port forwarded in your router as well.

In the iFrame config you also need to specify https:// for the url or http:// if local ip

If you access then you need for configurator for example for the url of the iFrame.

I don’t need https or http to access mydomain.duckns. I’ve attempted all combinations of my IP, hassio.local, and duckdns, both with http, https, and without. No dice.

Anybody have any ideas?

So you have NOT setup SSL. Neither using LetsEncrypt or any other SSL solution. And you are accessing the regular Home Assistant UI via http. Your browser may hide the http-part, but technically it is still there and very relevant.

Please confirm, that you get access to Home Assistant when browsing to

I’m having this issue as well, Configurator, NodeRed, and influxdb all do not work from iPanel. The only add-on that consistently works in ESPHome. Was this resolved?

I have the same issue, used to be able to access nodered via iframe now I can’t “connection refused” but I can access it via the addon’s link “open web ui”.

This occurred once I’ve updated nodered to the latest version.