Configure Lumary Led Light (tuya)

Hello everyone,

I’m a french home assistant nooby (but I am a sofware developer) !
I have bought a lumary led strip light and I would like to control it using Home Assistant.
I understood Lumary was derived from Tuya. So I read Home assistant Tuya integration page.
I thought configuring Tuya would make it works… but configuration seems to be wrong.

My configuration looks like this :

  country_code: 33
  platform: lumary

Does someone know how to make it works ?

Platform need to be tuya, smart_life or jivoo, depending on the app you registered your light in.


Thanks for the answer.
I created an account on Smart Life Android app and connected my led strip light.
So I changed my Home Assistant configuration and set Platform to “smart_life”.
This time, I have no notification telling me that I set a wrong configuration.

But I don’t know where to find my led strip in home assistant.
It do not appear on “Devices” page and I can’t find anything on “Integration” page.
When I try to call tuya services, nothing append.

Any idea ?

Got it for my curtain switch by Zemismart !
I connected my switch to the Tuya app (using wifi 2.4GHz of my Livebox which can broadcast both 2.4GHz and 5GHz separatly).
Then, I used this config on home assistant :

  country_code: 33

I restarted Home assistant.
And then, I found an entity named “cover.538403…”. A click on information icon show the name defined on Tuya app.
And then, the switch appear on my Dashboard.

The switch seems to give his state to Home Assistant. When I use it manually, it changes in Home Assistant.

Sorry for my english…

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