Configure new Yellow to boot up from a previously working yellow with data on NVMe


After a 2-months-honeymoon with my Yellow, one morning I woke up to find that my CM4 (with eMMC) had a failure.

Yellow was configured to have the storage on the installed 500Gb NVMe. Although I don’t have a full backup (at least not a recent one) the NVMe and the data on it appear to be in perfect shape. I am therefore hoping that I can rebuild my system without the restore process, just have it start running with the data on NVMe from the get go.

When I soon receive my replacement CM4, how can I configure Yellow even before the on-boarding so that it boots up with the NVMe as the external storage (I am assuming the solution is somewhere in the host HAOS)?


I know how to move data from the eMMC to the NVMe but I don’t think this is part of the solution for my challenge (via UI Settings > System > Storage > Move datadisk or via CLI ha os datadisk move [drive path])

A few more details about my configuration

  • Yellow kit PoE Rev 1.3
  • CM4002016 (2GB RAM, 16GB Flash, no WiFi)
  • HAOS and HACore are one version behind
  • Crucial P5 Plus CT500P5PSSD8 NVMe M.2
  • Aeotec Z-Pi 7 - GPIO Z-Wave Plus2

I have the same question. I want to upgrade my Yellow box CM4 from 2 Go to 8 Go. It is a CM4 with eMMC but all is on my M2 SSD. Unfortunately, I can’t find any step by step procedure. Any idee how to do it right ?

I have full backup in case of problem