Configure WebosTV option

Hi there!

I would like to configure my WebosTV. In the component description are just a few sorces listed. Where can I found a complete description of this (and other) components?

Thank you

I was just messing with this as well. I read through the code and apparently that IS all that’s available. They’re apparently hard coded.

It looks like if we want more available sources, we’ll need to add them into the core webos compontent.

Does that mean it’s possible? What would have to go into making that happen?

Find out the bundle ids of more apps and add them. There should probably be a way to feed the component these though as being able to cover them all, is pretty impossible.

Would it be easier to at least add the built in services that are most popular ex. Netflix or Amazon Streaming?

I’m putting in a PR with an updated list:

'makotv': WEBOS_APP_MAKO,
'itvplayer': WEBOS_APP_ITV,
'4od': WEBOS_APP_4OD,
'googleplaymovies': WEBOS_APP_GOOGLEPLAY,
'hdmi1': WEBOS_APP_HDMI1,
'hdmi2': WEBOS_APP_HDMI2,
'hdmi3': WEBOS_APP_HDMI3

I can see that this is an inelegant solution, and dynamically pulling in the names & ID’s of installed apps would be a better long-term option.

Awesome! What’s a PR mean? I assume it has to be approved before it would be included in any type of release?

Cool! How about adding too? Useful for opening the list of connected USB devices and DLNA servers.

It was possible before to just add app id in the custom sources but it got blocked by mistake.

I submitted a fix to allow any custom source. just entering part of the name of an app will add it.

Note, this appears to be case sensitive. For example, “Plex” will match, but “plex” will not.