Configuring Everspirng AN145 as light

I already use home assistant for my heating and hot water with Z-wave devices and it seems to be working fine. I thought about automating lighting as well. I was looking for a simple way to add lighting, so Z-wave or zigbee bulbs were one option, Z-wave being preferred due to already having a Z-wave network. However the bulbs are not cheap, so when I found the Everspring AN145 lamp holders at a good price I decided to buy some to try it out.
The Everspring AN145 is being detected by home assistant but it shows up as a Everspring AN157 plug-in switch. This results in it showing up in home assistant as a switch device and not a light.
I have looked at the open zwave configuration files used by home assistant and there is a manufacturer specific XML for the Everspring AN145. So I don’t know why home assistant is showing it as a AN157.
How can I get my Everspring AN145 to be detected correctly? Failing that how can I get it to be shown as a light device in the lights group?

Have a look here, this will make a light entity out of the switch:

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Thanks for that. It certainly provides a work around to make the devices appear as a light device. Somehow missed that component amongst the many in home assistant.
I guess I still question why the AN145 is showing up as a AN157.

Having done a bit of reading online, it appears like one difference between the AN157 and the AN145 is that the AN145 supports associations to report its state. However as home assistant is detecting it as a AN157 no association is present and the state is not updated should it be switched another way (eg. the button on the device itself). I admit I doubt I would want to use the button on the device to switch the light as its not very convenient being in the light fitting, but I just like things to be correct.