Configuring Home Assistance to talk to a ceiling fan

I recently purchased a Moooni Ceiling fan. The only way to control the fan and light is the remote. I purchased a broadlink device that can control devices and integrate with Home Assistant. It was a dual device that could control IR an RF devices. It controlled all my tv remotes. It did not control my fan. I tried several times to contact Moooni with no luck. I assume I need a controller that has another frequency. Does anyone have any suggestions on a device that will control my phan and integrate into Home Assistant and/or Google



This might help to find the RF codes that the Broadlink sees from the Mooni remote:


Use the HA Broadlink integration to find the RF codes and set up control.

I gave up on getting the Broadlink to work with our ceiling fans, and instead bought a Bond unit and it’s controlling both of them. The remote units in the fans are an after-market product with some generic remote that I never was able to find information for, but the Bond immediately saw them.

It’s controlling both the lights and the fans - including speed controls.
It also works with Google & Alexa in case that matters.