Configuring OwnTracks Correctly without Duplicate User

Firstly, I’m new. First Day with

I just installed OwnTracks, and it created a new user? that was seen at the top of the overview page in a small circle. I could not delete it (Probably because I am new). I had to totally rebuild my server for it to go away. Now I am scared to install it again, so I am asking for help.

I am currently the only user on Home Assist.
On my Overview Screen I have my name in a circle at the top, and the Sun in another.
I am listed under users, and under persons.
There is a drop down box for tracker under persons, and thats all i want to setup.
I am using the Home Assistant Cloud so this will work remotely.

Now, when I go to setup OwnTracks, as per the document:
It asks for Host, and I got that ok. It also asks for Identification, thats where I need help…

The web document above just says ‘username’ but, when I do that, the username then appears on my overview page in a circle. I don’t want it there, I just want to add it as a tracker, and to associate it with my person/user. Any advice?


That circle is a badge, not a user.

If you don’t want it showing there, just take control of your UI and remove it.

Ok, so that’s normal, I just need to remove the badge. Wow. I feel like an idiot.

Thank you so much for replying. I just need to spend more time in the interface and understand it better. Thanks again.