Confirm Automation Actions

Is there a way to confirm that an event has occured as the result of an automation?

I have had a few occasions where my pool pump hasn’t turned off due to zigbee reception issues, and it just stays on for hours!

It would be good if there was a way to configure a retry if a certain action is confirmed.


Do you have some sort of feedback for the pump state?

yes, It is a xiaomi zigbee plug, which communicates to HA via Zigbee2MQTT. This has a state and command topic.

So i could continuously send the command, until the state reflects the desired state.

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I don’t know about continuously. That might end up creating problems. It could continuously try but never turn it off.

Maybe: (try, delay, check, ) x 2 or 3 times and then if still not off alert you.

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I use a notification platform (Synology Chat) to send a notification to my phone when the pool pump turns on and off. I had a MQTT broker flooding issue a while back and all my MQTT devices became sluggish and sometimes my pool pump switch (Sonoff) would fail to receive its command.

I was going to install a fail-safe automation that messaged my phone if the pool pump was still running beyond its time limits; 1300 in off season, 1800 in swimming season so maybe you could do that? The automation could also turn the pump off (again) if it is running outside of normal times?

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thanks for all your ideas, i will see what i can tape together.

Use wait_template to wait for it to turn off after you send the off command. If not turned off in a reasonable period send the command again… and repeat…

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