Conflict. The container name is already in use

Version core-2021.11.5
Host Operating System Home Assistant OS 7.0
Supervisor Version supervisor-2021.12.2

After a failed attempt to upgrade to core 2021.12.2 1 (don’t know if it’s really related), I found that I could not restart my SSH & Web Terminal add-on due to “container” name in use. I encounterd the same issue when upgrading my Node-RED add-on from 10.1.1 to 10.2.0. A post reboot resolved the issue of “restarting” the add-ons, but the “container in use” message occurs every “new” time I try to restart an add-on, resolved only by rebooting…

Any ideas as to how to “repair” my HA install? Everything is stable, I just can’t make changes to move forward.

The container name looks like it could ne related to some sort of addon.

Right. The problem is that I am unable to restart any of my add-ons without doing a reboot. i.e. every add-on has a name conflict. Restart add-on no longer works for me. I have no clue what I did to “break” this.