Confused about areas, editing and moving entities

So I have recently done a re-install of hassio 0.97 after my upgrade from 0.96 failed … but that is another story !

After install it took me through assigning my Tradfri lights to areas which I have equated to rooms in my house. These areas get pushed through to Google through cloud integration and it all works perfectly. Bceuase of this I have deliberately not created the groups that I had previously for each room.

I have now moved a lamp from one room to another, but I cannot find out how to move the lamp from one area to another. I have found the area registry and am able to edit area names, but not associated entities.

I also cannot find a way to add a new device to an existing area.

I suppose what I am also asking is do areas replace groups, if so where can I edit them and their associated entities, if not can someone explain their purpose and how they relate to groups please?



go to the integrations page and click on the integration that contains the device you want to remove from an area. Then click on the “gear” icon in the top right corner of the card for the device. There you can select to add the device to a different area or completely remove the device from all areas.

In that way you can add new devices to an area too.

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Perfect, thanks.

Is there a way to group area’s or am I stuck with redefining a group to be the same as an area and then creating a group of group(s).

My use case is I want to be able to turn off all downstairs lights, areas are currently based of room, so ideally I would be able to create a group called downstairs that consists of living room, dining room, kitchen, office and garage.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not really sure since I don’t use areas but you could create any area that you want to put things in.

But the problem you will have is that as far as I know devices can only be associated with one area.

So groups might be your only option.

Thanks, that is what I thought.

Would be great if I could create a group of areas, which would save duplication!