Connected to mobile hotspot and can no longer access HA anymore

We’ve just moved and the Internet cannot be connected to our house for about a month. I set HA up again because there are some good automations for our daughter’s room that we wanted back, but I realized that the time has not updated and HA thinks it’s 11am mid feb when it is neither 11am nor mid feb.

I thought I’d connect HA to my wireless hotspot on my iPhone to update the time, which I did via the UI in the supervisor but immediately, I lost access to HA and I cannot reconnect via SSH or otherwise on LAN.

What I’m guessing has happened is that HA has disabled the LAN port on the RPi4 and will not fall back to it if the hotspot is turned off.

Perhaps the smarter bunch here know better. Have I just completely destroyed my set up or is there a way back from this?

Fixed this issue by having to set it up again within the CLI directly on the Pi4. I still couldn’t connect via SSH though. Upon regaining access to HA’s UI every addon had stopped running for some reason. I’m not exactly sure why just yet, but it explains why SSH stopped working. It’s all back to normal now, except there’s some issue with the default config. I guess I’ll wait until I can get the pi to connect to the internet to see if getting access to an NTP server resolves the issues I’m having.