Connection lost, reconnecting : Huawei b525


I was wondering if you could help me. I changed my router to a HUAWEI b525, got a faster connection, though now, I cannot reach the home page of Hassio.

I do have access to the file and folder via samba, but I am stuck on the loading data home page with chrome/edge.

If I change the router, it works fine again /thought I am supposed to send that one back). I opened all port, special application or virtual server. Nothing change.

Has anyone encountered the same issue?

Thank you,

When changing routers, the ip address may change if you don’t have a static ip address set. Use your favourite ip address scanner to check if the the address has changed.

I already fixed the ip address, changed it to try. I can access from the address or hassio.local:8123. It just disconnect then try to load… if it really does… I deactivated the firewall, nothing much.

Eventually, I updated Hassio and logged off from the old router. Now it works.