Contact reed switches series

Hi everyone,

I have a double sliding door and initially wired one cable to it for a contact switch. However, I realized I need two contact switches since one door could remain closed while the other is open.

Ideally, I would like the Shelly to indicate the door as closed only when both doors are closed, and open if either door is open.

I bought normally open (NO) contact reed switches.

Can I wire these in series to a single cable to work with the Shelly?

Thank you very much.

Generally the setup you want is to have the sensor installed for each door that is in the closed position then you can. i.e at the top of the sliding doors and the frame when its in detection range of the magnets for the reed switches in the sensors to trigger.

From there you can group them as a single door and then in the automation use the boolen helper to trigger the notification if one of the two are opened.

As for relay’s you should be able to use SW1 and SW2 on the shelly’s and others as the triggers for state change and just label them in its settings for what door is for what reed switch.

Thanks. The issue is I only have one cable run there. So both sensors would need to be run on that one cable

Yeah, that should work (assuming that in the closed state, the magnet is making them both closed circuits). You open either door, one of the switches changes to open which breaks the entire connection.

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