Container (Tailscale) terminal commands withing HASSIO?


Can anyone tell me, how to execute terminal commands within the container of the Tailscale add-on installed on a Home Assistant (HASSIO) installation?

I tried to use tailscale in the shell add-on, wich only gives me Command not found!

What are you trying to achieve?
Tailscale creates a VPN. Why would you want to enter the container to execute tailscale again?

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I want to check the status with tailscale status because I cant ping my PI from another PI (two Tailscale setups)

(see here: Tailscale got error on Hassio Pi (Error: Portmapper) (Home Assistant) - Raspberry Pi - Tailscale)

You installed tailscale on the machine you are pinging from, right?
Do you see them connected on the Tailscale Admin page?

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Yes, on both HASSIO PIs it’s installed plus they are both connected on the admin web page.

When I go into the shell I can’t ping any PI from the other PI.

That’s not the proper test / use-case. The shell does not share the HA network configuration, specifically tailscale.
Install tailscale on your PC (or whatever your main machine is) and try to ping the HA’s from there.

Alternatively, use a ping sensor on one of the HA to ping the other via the tailscale address.