Continously repeating Reauthentication of Alexa Media Player Integration

Hi all,

I have a question regarding the Alexa Media Player Integration. Every few weeks the message output of Alexa fails and I got a message that the Integration needs a Reauthentication. More worse than that it happens very often when doing the Reauthentication steps, that a Forgot-Passwort-Request is send to Amazon which then forces me to change my Amazon password…

Does anyone else has these problems? Is there any way to increase the timeframe between the Reauthentications? I cannot imagine that this behaviour is usual…

Thanks a lot in advance


Same behaviour here.
I doubt there is anything more this integration can do. It’s the lack of a more suitable API from Amazon’s side that is preventing a smoother experience.

Home assistant version installed:

Same behaviour. Continuous request of the “Forgot-Passwort-Request”, correctly answered from the Amazon website, even once restarted it doesn’t proceed further.
Suggestions are welcome.