Continuous websocket warnings

Hi friends,

After upgrading to 0.107, I’ve started getting “websocket connection is closing” warnings. I get one about every 5 minutes. In the HA log, it says it is coming from “aiohttp.websocket”. I’ve increased the log for aiohttp.websocket to debug but I am not getting any additional information.

Any ideas on how to find out what is causing this warning?


Bump. Any ideas please? Frequency has increase. It is beginning to make HA response slow.

Are you using any other third-party tools like node-red or appdaemon or maybe esphome devices that might not be working correct after the upgrade when trying to communicate with HA?

Can you see from which IP the request is coming from? It usually shows up as a warning badge in the frontend. Are you using the latest HA 0.107.6 version?

Thanks Tomas,

I am not using any of those third-party tools.

I am using 0.107.5 version. I just saw 0.107.6 but those changes don’t seem related to my error. I’ll try anyways.

I am not getting a warning badge in the front end, and thus can’t see the IP address. I am only getting the warning in the log (either in Developer Tools/Logs or in the *.log file on the RPI3.

Ok, did you search the issue tracker? Maybe you will find some hints there. Its usually only integrations and the front end that connects through a websocket connection to HA. Do you have any tablets that are always connected?

And deconz also uses a websocket connection.

I’m leaning towards it being my device_tracker integrations for my iphone. I say this because I have additional instances of device_trackers for my iphone, due to me setting up my mobile_app several times. I also get a warning at startup saying that I have “duplicate device name Panboy’s iPhone”. I have tried to remove my extra device_trackers with no success, however, but I’ll try again.

For additional information, This “websocket connection is closing” warning appears exactly every 15 minutes, and I get 3 warnings in a row of the same thing. Interesting enough, I have 3 duplicate device names for my iphone.