Continuously increasing CPU usage


I have HA running in a Docker on my UnRAID server, and it works very well. Unfortunately, though, it seems that something in HA gradually uses more and more CPU - over the course of a few days my automations become noticeably slower to activate, and eventually the GUI ceases to respond. By this time HA seems to be using almost an entire CPU core - around 40% of a dual core server (and of course, the server has other things to do as well as run HA). I have to restart the docker every 4-5 days to keep it healthy - CPU utilisation goes back to normal and starts its gradual climb again.

Any ideas for what might be causing this?

Many thanks,

What components enabled?
Which version HA using?
Add-ons or third party components?

Run base HA with nothing enabled, what’s is result? Still climbing?

Maybe disable components in groups to determine if cause by component. If notice difference doable one by one to narrow cause.

Sorry for the late followup, but in case it helps anyone else the issue was with the built in MQTT broker. Switched to an external Mosquitto Docker and all is well.