Control KEF speakers

Hello, I have some KEF LSX speakers and saw there is an intergration for them here:

but I’m new to this and don’t really understand what to do.
I added the info to my config yml file but now what?

before adding that I did try the “DLNA Digital Media Renderer” integratoin that shows the speakers but all I can do with that is mute them or turn the volume up and down.
theres no way to use a zigbee button to turn my speakers on or off, nor a dashboard button to do that.

How do i set them up?

I assume you mean configuration.yaml.

Once you have the yaml, restart ha. You should have a media_player entity for the speakers.

You can then control it the same as any other entity.

Thank you thank you thank you. I came back here 12 days later and re-tried the media player and it now has play pause and on/off buttons. Great!

I guess i didn’t do a restart. how silly of me.

Thank you @nickrout

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So I came back to this to make a button toggle the volume / play/pause
and I’ve found that when i select my speaker as a device, I don’t get any options for it.
I do have a volume /play/pause button UI in my overview but I don’t seem to be able to toggle them buttons via anything else.
It shows no actions to select
any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Was this “No actions” ever solved?

I’m new HA user and I faced this same issue with my KEF LSX. I’m able to control speakers from dashboard, but when I’m trying to do automation there’s no any actions available for KEF speakers…